Blockhill Bunnies – healthy treats

Naturally grown, hand harvested sticks for bunnies

We grow organically without any chemicals or pesticides.

All chew sticks for bunnies are hand harvested, wiped clean, and checked for lichen. We encourage you to inspect and clean further if you want to be extra vigilant for your bunny.

Always check with your vet or other reputable source for further advice on any diet related health concerns. Hay is the most important part of your rabbit’s diet. But there are additional healthy snacks and treats that can add nutritional value and are amazing for dental health as well. Rabbits love to chew, and if you prefer they aren’t chewing your furniture, give them our amazing chew snacks to enjoy instead!

The chew sticks sold here are approved by Norman and Pickles, and are safe and nutritious for all healthy bunnies. Chinchilla and Guinea Pig customers are also welcome to enjoy our apple stick products.

Check out our selection of seeds to start growing your own bunny friendly garden. Your pet rabbits will appreciate having fresh plants and herbs to enjoy year round.

Norman and Pickles

Our bunnies are in charge of quality control and are real connoisseurs when it comes to flavour. We always run everything past them first to make sure it is up to their high standards. They have been with us since July 2022 and have been a lovely addition to our Blockhill family.